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Medical Care

Medical Services and Consultations

Holistic counseling at the FPZ entails providing information about what is happening in the body and explaining different medical treatment methods thereby strengthening clients’ resources.
Our clients’ active involvement is very important to us; support provided by a relative or friend is encouraged.
We have wheelchair accessible, modern examination rooms as well as an outpatient operating area and recovery room.

Our Services include

  • Contraception/Birth control counseling and care
  • Outpatient surgical and medical pregnancy termination
  • Counseling to support a client’s desire to have children, and about pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding
  • Maternity care for women without health insurance
  • Counseling and courses on everything related to the birthing process (offered in various languages)
  • Treatment of chronic or acute infections of the genital area
  • Cancer screenings
  • Psychosomatic counseling (including about sexual problems, chronic issues/pain)
  • Counseling and gynecological care for mobility-impaired women and women with mental disabilities
  • Counseling and gynecological care for women who experienced Female Genital Mutilation_Cutting (FGM_C)
  • Counseling related to the hymen

Medical Care in a Modern Ambiance

The FPZ believes in promoting health information, awareness, responsibility, partnership and a self-confident approach to sexuality. We have wheelchair accessible, modern examination rooms, and an outpatient operating and recovery area. Our standards meet medical requirements and align with the most recent medical research and recommendations.
In our medical care we apply the following approach to our work: "As little medicine as possible" and "as much safety as necessary". We believe in the active involvement of our clients. Support by a friend or a relative is possible and encouraged.