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Ergänzende Information

Our services include

Advice for people with disabilities

Sexual education services for people with physical and/or mental disabilities
Sexuality is a fundamental desire shared by all humans and has a physical, mental, emotional and social impact at all stages of our lives. This is, of course, also true for people with disabilities. We provide advice on issues such as friendship, love, sexuality, sexual assistance, partnership, family planning and contraception.

Individual and couple's counselling sessions
Counselling can be provided by a male or female counsellor upon request.

Furthermore, we offer advice for carers and guardians of people with disabilities.

Advice for young people

For girls and young women, for boys and young men
What can you do when you're love sick? What's the best method of contraception for me - for us? Two girlfriends at the same time - is that ok? Your first visit to a gynaecologist? Straight - gay - lesbian - bi - what am I? No protection or the condom broke, what now? You can get answers to these questions and more at the teenager advice sessions held every Wednesday from 3.30 to 6.30 pm - no appointment is needed, and you can visit alone, as a couple or in a small group. This service is free and anonymous on request.


Our psychological counselling for women, men, couples and families covers issues relating to sexuality, partnership, family, lifestyle and health. Group sessions on specific issues can also be offered on request. Each counselling session lasts 50 minutes on one specific issue and you can arrange a series of up to ten sessions. For clients with little or no knowledge of German, counselling sessions are held with the support of interpreters in cooperation with the Berlin community interpretation service. Psychological counselling is provided by an expert team of experienced psychologists and therapists. Each session can be held by either a female or male counsellor as requested. Counselling for couples can be provided by two same-sex or mixed-sex counsellors if required.

Medical care

Consultations and medical services
For us, holistic medical advice entails providing information about what's happening to your body, explaining different medical treatment methods, telling clients about the way they can improve their own health (through nutrition, lifestyle, alternative medicine, etc.) and the interdependence of individual lifestyles and the way the body responds.

Our services:
  • Advice and care with regard to contraception
  • Cancer screening
  • Advice for couples wanting children, as well as during pregnancy, birth and breast-feeding
  • Pregnancy monitoring for women without health insurance
  • Advice on the hymen
  • Treatment of chronic/acute infections or complaints in the genital region
  • Counselling and gynaecological care in cases of female genital mutilation (FGM)
  • Outpatient pregnancy termination
  • Advice on problems during menopause
  • Psychosomatic consultation (inc. on sexual problems, chronic complaints/pains)
  • Advice on pre-natal diagnostics
Medical care in a modern environment
BALANCE embodies a holistic view of the body and health. Sexuality and fertility are considered through the interplay of head and stomach and body and soul, as well as in their social dimension. BALANCE believes in promoting information and awareness, responsibility and partnership and encouraging a self-aware attitude to sexuality. We have fully accessible, modern examination rooms and an outpatient operation room with comfortable rest areas. Our standards are in line with the latest requirements and medical findings. In our medical care provision, we offer a combination of ‘as little medicine as possible' and ‘as much security as required'. We believe in the active involvement of the client; support can be provided by a friend or relative and is encouraged.

Counselling for men

From one man to another
Everyone has a different way of coping with the challenges that life throws at us. We adapt to these differences and support clients in their search for new solutions. One counselling session is given initially, and if required up to ten follow-up sessions can then be provided. Alongside this service, we also help clients to find appropriate men's groups and provide information about specific men's services. We also offer couple and family counselling, with two mixed-sex therapists if required.