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Counselling for migrants

The experience of migrating to Germany or seeking refuge in Germany plays a central role in accessing and dealing with the healthcare system. The FPZ supports the healthcare of refugee women and their families with two projects: "Improving Healthcare for Refugee Women" and "Improving Healthcare for Pregnant Women and Mothers from all Refugee Shelters in Berlin". The projects enable migrant and refugee women to access the German healthcare system in a way that takes their experiences with migration into account and holistically promotes their health and supports preventative care.
Based on an empowerment approach, we provide counseling services on issues related to women's health, partnership, love and sexuality. Furthermore, we inform our clients about their rights and present them with opportunities to strengthen women's self-determination. With the help of language and cultural mediators we work in a target group-specific and culturally sensitive manner at both refugee shelters and the FPZ. We work in interdisciplinary teams and offer medical, sex education, as well as psycho-social support.